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The inspiration behind the Birthstone Collection

This Birthstone Collection was inspired by moms, myself, and you. The urge of moms carrying something meaningful that reminds them of their own babies or just the need of wearing a gemstone that belongs to your birth month it’s often seen. Therefore, MAYLI Jewels designed a special collection that lets you wear your own birthstone or the birthstone of your baby in a very subtle necklace and set of earrings. Even more special is the extra option to add a hand-stamped initial letter to the necklace. Also the pendant for the initial letter is 925 sterling silver.



The inspiration behind the Energy Collection

This collection is an expansion of the Birthstone Collection. However, not everyone feels strongly connected to the stone that belongs to the month. This is where the energies of each semi-precious gemstone are important. You should wear what feels best.

Personalized jewelry

This page is dedicated to personalized jewelry. To be able to wear the initials of your loves ones or yourself! The minimal and sophisticated designs make it possible for you to wear and style them with your own favorite jewelry. If you happen to have any custom requests e.g. different combinations, feel free to email us your request:

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