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Dara carved

29.95 incl. btw.

Handcrafted and carved stripe by stripe. A modern ring with a retro twist. Inspired by the heirlooms we have in house.

Now available in size 4 for the pinky finger!
Handmade with love in Bali, 925 Sterling Silver

Hand carved series

These items were handcrafted and carved stripe by stripe. Each item is a unique piece waiting to be worn with your favorite jewels!

Size Guide

Use a measurement tape to measure the inner diameter of any ring you have.

carved, Dara carved,

carved, Dara carved,


If you do not own a ring you can measure the circumference using a stroke of paper or a rope around your finger. Measure the length of the stroke/rope and see which size you have according to our chart.


carved, Dara carved,


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