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Gold Rutilated quartz Necklace – silver fancy

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Rutilated quartz is a form of clear quartz that is characterized by the presence of “needles” or strands of rutile within the structure of the quartz crystal.  Gold rutilated quartz is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life. It soothes dark moods, offerring relief from fears, phobias and anxiety. The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal.


Total length: 48cm
Material: Sterling silver with 18K gold plating
Handmade with love in Bali

Note that each necklace is crafted with natural gemstones therefore the color may vary slightly from image show

*Note that this pendant is free of style. Meaning each pendant is different from shape and thus may differ from the picture.
*Please read further down below how to take care of your jewelry
Gold Rutiled Quartz – Hope  and new opportunities

This special gem has an added twist – it’s sprinkled with the heavenly dust of angels. On a scientific level, the Rutilated Quartz crystal gets its golden colored strands from rutile, a mineral made of titanium oxide. These tiny golden hairs are spectacularly illuminated under the light. A dazzling effect that puts this rock star of gems center stage alongside Diamonds and other translucent crystals. Golden Rutilated Quartz have powerful energy, and are easy healing crystals for you to use. It stimulates your spiritual creativity, and your ability to manifest what you desire in your life, through the power of intention.

In ancient Roman times it was believed that this crystal contains the golden blond hair of Venus, goddess of love.


The total length of the necklace is 48cm.

Jewelry Care

Our jewelry are 100% sterling silver topped with three layers of 18K gold. You can wear our jewelry while washing your hands and showering.

To make sure that your jewelry stays in prime condition it is important to handle it with care. Therefore we recommend taking off your jewelry while:

  • Sleeping (especially necklaces).
  • Spraying perfume, oils, lotions.
  • Swimming (chlorine has a negative effect).
  • Showering & washing your hands.
  • Exercising (sweat has a negative effect on plating).
  • Cleaning.

If you question about our shipments and return policy please read further on our FAQ page.

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