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Venna Gold

39.95 incl. btw.

One of our bestsellers! This Venna is minimal and timeless in design yet voluminous. The voluminous design makes the ring more obvious on the finger, giving it a more edgy look.

Now available in size 4 for the pinky finger!

Material: 925 sterling silver with 18K gold plating
Handmade with love in Bali

Venna – the trendy bestseller

The voluminous yet timeless design gives the ring more edginess. This trendy ring is very easy to combine with other rings because of its minimal design. The ring is slightly adjustable for when your finger swell during the warmer weathers. These rings are designed to wear comfortable so even if the design is larger you hardly feel you’re wearing it!

Size Guide

You want to order the Venna ring but you don’t know the size? Use a measurement tape to measure the inner diameter of any ring you have.

If you do not own a ring you can calculate the diameter your self by measuring the perimeter using a stroke of paper or a rope around your finger. Measure the length of the stroke/rope and device it by PI, thus 3,14. This number should tell you the diameter.

Jewelry Care

Our rings are 100% sterling silver topped with three layers of 18K gold. You can wear our jewelry while washing your hands and showering.

To make sure that your jewelry stays in prime condition it is important to handle it with care. Therefore we recommend taking off your jewelry while:

  • Sleeping (especially necklaces).
  • Spraying perfume, oils, lotions.
  • Swimming (chlorine has a negative effect).
  • Showering & washing your hands.
  • Exercising (sweat has a negative effect on plating).
  • Cleaning.

If you question about our shipments and return policy please read further on our FAQ page.

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