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Gold Plating Service

What exactly is gold plating?

A product that is gold plated is when it consists of a metal that is dipped in liquid gold. Our gold-plated products are based on sterling silver with a 3 layers of 18krt gold over it. With these products we always ask to lookout for perfumed products that can create more friction which causes the layer to wear off faster. This certainly does not always happen, but it can happen in the long term. We often see it with rings that are worn while washing hands, or with the piece of earring that passes through your ear. No problem of course if the product wears out, underneath is a beautiful silver product hidden! Moreover, it is also possible to have a product re-plate!

Re-plating 18krt gold service

You have a jewelry piece you’d like to plate? Or you own a piece that has been worn off and you’d like the gold to be back? Then you’re here at the right place! We provide you with the right service. With us, you can plate 3 layers (micron) of 18krt gold. If you have a gold item that you would like the gold to look like, we can even make the gold look the same! For re-plating your item we will charge a price starting from €45,- excl. shipping costs for your item to be send back to you.

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