It is possible to exchange or refund items if these are not desirable. It is not possible to exchange or refund personalized items.

Within 14 days of receipt, you can contact: and we will help you. When contacting us please mention the following:

– Order number

– Reason for return, exchange or refund.

Without the order number, we cannot process the package. The costs of return will be at your expense. The products should be returned unused and in the same condition as they were sent. If this is not the case, we will charge you for this because the products then can no longer be sold as new. So please make sure you properly pack the items so it will not damage during shipment.

If you wish to receive your money back than this will be refunded to the account used for payment. This may take up to 5-7 working days.

Note: Due to hygiene it is not possible to return or exchange earrings. Furthermore, you cannot exchange sale items.

We do not give guarantee on plated items. Please treat all plated items carefully, especially with perfume and water.