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MAYLI was founded in May, 2014 after an urge to find tiny, dainty pieces that match with all the jewelry pieces you already own. The brand is a translation of the Chinese word Měilì, which means beautiful. Because we find beauty in the smallest things. The timeless and minimalistic designs result in nice combinations of jewelry, time and time again . Whether it’s an item of the latest season or an inheritance piece, our jewelry is always easy to style with those you already own.
Meet Founder & Creative Director


Born and raised in The Netherlands, Nhi is a creative individual, a designer, and a fun loving mom of two! Coming from a household of entrepreneurs and creativity, she started MAYLI even before she finished her Fashion Branding & Marketing studies in Denmark. Nhi started to travel the world firsthand on sourcing the materials she had imagined for her designs. While traveling not only for work but also adventures she would get inspired for the brand that you all now know for its simplicity, fine and conscious creations.

For all you out there who were never able to find the tiny sizes! Tuyet-Nhi would never fit a ring due to her size not being "the average". Another reason why she started designing her own rings. This wide range of fine jewelry is especially designed for all women out there who find it difficult to find the perfect ring. Here is where you start collecting!